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Equine Rehabilitation Center

New Equine Hydrotherapy center opens at Templeton Farms!

Aquapacer Underwater Treadmill Angie Hager and Client Ron Chilling Out

Salt Water Spa

This 34 degree Salt Water Spa is the best tool today for removing inflammation. The high level of salt content helps to decrease inflammation from the cells while decreasing swelling and allowing the blood to circulate through the infected area, which in turn helps to increase the rate of recovery. This tool is often used as a preventative measure after a strenuous workout. The Spa has been successful in treating laminitis, scratches, wounds, tendonitis, joint issues, and lesions. The Spa can go up to the gaskins and the therapy is approximately 15 minutes long.

Aquapacer Underwater Treadmill

The Aquapacer Underwater Treadmill is the best conditioning tool on the market. The horse walks in water up to chest deep (the level of water is dependent on the horses' needs) for approximately 30 minutes. The resistance of the water helps strengthen the muscular system with virtually NO pounding on connective tissue. The resistance to each limb is equal, so many horses with balance issues, or recovering from injury, can benefit from this controlled exercise. The deep water helps to increase the top line as well as increase strength in the back and abdominals. Every horse can benefit from this conditioning tool.

Oval Eurociser


The free flow, oval shaped Eurociser is an excellent therapeutic tool for conditioning horses as well as rehabilitating from injury. The free walker can help horses work at their own pace in both directions as the rehabilitation process allows for the injury area to become loaded in a controlled manner. The excellent rubberize footing in the Eurociser helps support the horses legs while exercising in the walker.


The whole body vibration therapy helps to decrease minor body aches as well as increase circulation to the hoof and lower limbs. This therapy has been very successful with arthritic horses, horses with hoof pain and tendon issues. We like the combination of the Salt Water Spa and Theraplate for healing of lower legs issues.

Templeton Farms is located between
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1799 Templeton Road
Templeton, CA 93465-8309

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